Take a look at who you’re following online and ask yourself why you follow them. You probably follow a few loved ones, perhaps some colleagues. Maybe some of the accounts you follow are owned by celebrities or brands.

Now, think about why you follow a brand on social media. Naturally, it’s assumed that you like the brand. But do you follow every brand you like online?

What’s so special about the brands you follow? What has encouraged you to pledge your online support to them?

At the question’s core, the answer boils down to one or a combination of two things:

  1. You enjoy having the brand’s content in your feed
  2. You support the brand’s values

When marketing your own brand, fulfilling these two factors has to be at forefront of your mind. Ask yourself:

  • Why should my audience follow me on social media?
  • What value will my social media content add to their life?
  • What makes my social media appealing to new potential leads?

Daunting as these questions may seem, they’re not all that difficult to figure out once you have a clear brand image in mind.

The answers aren’t set in stone, either. Although consistency is the key to social media marketing, you can always expand your scope and reach in the future.

Establishing an Online Presence

Be a Personable, Relatable Brand

Personality plays a major role in brand identity. Recent statistics show consumers seek to follow brands that feel “human,” brands that align with their personal values and interests.

The Denny’s and National Park Service Instagram pages are prime examples of this.

The Wendy’s Twitter account is another great example, as well.

All three accounts use visual memes or humorous captions to appeal to the Millennial and Gen Z demographic. Their content is engaging and memorable. It feels like it’s written by a person, not a robot.

Humor is a very effective way to keep your audience hooked and attract new followers. It may not work for every brand image, but even the stuffiest, practically-live-in-their-suits, business elite have a sense of humor.

Being real with your audience is another aspect followers appreciate. If you’re a model or beauty influencer, you don’t have to be in a full face of make up for every single post. Followers want to know the “real you,” too.

However, you shouldn’t feel obligated to overshare, either. Being too honest can give your followers the false perception that they’re entitled to know personal details about your life.

You’re in control of how much you share with your audience. Never forget that.

It’s Okay to Get a Little Political

You don’t have to openly pledge your support to a presidential campaign. But your followers want to know where you stand on important sociopolitical issues. Don’t stay silent.

Lush is known for being a highly-ethical brand. They regularly release products aimed to raise funds and awareness for important causes – and they’re not afraid to post about it on social media, either.

Stay Consistent

Once again, consistency is key. This doesn’t just refer to how consistently you post. Your messaging should remain consistent and have a nice flow to it.

Even if you have an entire social media marketing team, your page shouldn’t sound like it has multiple voices, identities, or conflicting core values. This is very confusing to your audience.

Instead, think about your target demographic and their interests as well as your brand’s values before launching your social media page.

Your messaging and mission statement can always evolve over time. But you shouldn’t be flip-flopping in every other post. Don’t be hot then cold, yes then no, in then out, up and then down.

“Hot N Cold” by Katy Perry music video

Source: Katy Perry – Hot N Cold (Official) | Katy Perry

If there are multiple people behind your social media pages, it may be helpful to create a “mood board” that visually depicts the brand image you have in mind. It’s always a good idea to regularly share post inspiration with each other.

Additionally, you should always consult one another before releasing a major statement online, especially if it pertains to a controversial topic.

In Conclusion

Social media is a free and highly effective digital marketing tool. But it’s not as simple as throwing posts up all willy-nilly, either. There are a lot of puppet strings being pulled behind the scenes that put on a brand’s online performance.

Be fun, loosen up. Be real, speak out on important issues. Be consistent, don’t change like a chameleon to align your values with one target audience and then another the next day. Be true to you.

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